Our Story

SO.GE.IN. S.r.l. is an engineering company founded in 1978, which has always worked designing and producing electro-servo-hydraulic and electro-mechanical systems for naval, civil and industrial applications.
Since the beginning of its activity, SO.GE.IN. has developed specific products for the domestic and international markets, such as miniature joysticks, knobs for remote control and simulators.

The miniature joysticks and knobs for remote control have gained international qualifications and are manufactured according to specific and international specifications.
The miniature joysticks to control two axes of the Lagrangian coordinates of the system have achieved remarkable success and are used by leading companies both nationally and internationally.

SO.GE.IN offers design and manufacturing capabilities such as to provide reliable and cost-competitive products to the realization of prototypes, with maximum flexibility in defining, developing and proposing the best solutions to customer's requests in the field of remote control devices.

The miniature joysticks for movement control, with biaxial force transducers, represent the focus of the production of SO.GE.IN.

Our company is certified following the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

Our Story

Drops of technology

Miniature joysticks are small electromechanical devices, finger operated, which convert the input force of the operator into an analog output voltage, proportional to the applied force and supply voltage (isometric control).
The conversion applied force - output voltage in accomplished through a beam, acting as a cantilever, on which strain gages are bonded and to which is applied by means of a knob.

Dual Axis joysticks, converting force components along two orthogonal axis into two distinct ouput voltages, are the standard.
Main features are:

  • easy operation
  • high positioning speed and accuracy
  • infinite resolution, so dead zones
  • high reliability
  • rugged construction and sealing, depending on environmental conditions (commercial, industrial, hermetically sealed)
  • various configurations, for panel or hole-mountings
  • multiple knobs
  • custom versions and performances available (non standard sensitivity, temperature compensation, dual redundant circuits).