So.Ge.In. mini-trim toggle is a single pole, multi-throw, center-off, momentary action switch. The TS series tactile switches can be made in 2-3-4- or 5-ways configurations, that are activated by the movement of the upper knob, also known as "Hat Switch" or "Castle Switch".

The TS series comes with a cylindrical body with an outer diameter of 19mm and different types of knobs.

The movement of the upper part provides the operator with perceptible tactile feedback. We provide models with two different actuation forces to better adapt to different use cases.

Each movement of the upper button corresponds to the disconnection of an electrical circuit with a voltage-free single-pole contact that can be switched from normally open (NO) to normally closed (NC).

Individual switches can be provided with a separate or equipotential common pole (internally connected).

The switches are particularly suitable for interfacing with control systems by summing up to five selectable functions with the same finger of the operator's hand.